About Suruh Alamara

Sorouh Al-Amara Company was established in 2003 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Tabuk region, under the name of Al-Shammari Foundation for Marble and Ceramic, and in 2022 and in line with the Kingdom’s vision for the year 2030, the company was restructured and developed its business sectors to bear the name of Sorouh Al-Amara Trading Company for Marble and Ceramic.


Our company’s activity is distributed in several important sectors that contribute to providing integrated services to our customers in the field of construction and cladding in all its details

In the field of natural marble, our company is considered one of the most important suppliers of natural marble from all over the world. In order to keep pace with the global markets and provide the best and newest raw materials, we have concluded many agency contracts for the oldest marble companies around the world, especially in Turkey, Italy, Spain and Portugal, as follows our company. A special coordination office in Turkey. This office provides direct manufacturing services for the benefit of our warehouses and projects so that we achieve the elements of quality, competition and the safety of supplying large projects within the approved conditions and international standard specifications. This contributes to our superiority in quality and price and providing the best service.

In the field of ceramics and porcelain, we are unique with the latest and finest types of imported international ceramics in terms of price, high quality, and the ability to meet the requirements of our customers under ideal conditions.

In the field of industry, Sorouh Al-Emarah Factory offers you very advanced capabilities in terms of quality, experience and modern technology, where all marble and ceramic products can be provided, with a wide coverage for all the requirements of your projects, such as cutting marble slabs according to demand, marble and porcelain sinks, marble facades, in addition to much more. One of the distinguished services and prices that meet everyone’s requirements

Our facilities

Our company owns a group of establishments that together form an integrated chain that contributes to providing integrated services to meet all the requirements of construction projects of all sizes.

Beit Hail exhibition for ceramics, porcelain and natural marble, which contains a very wide variety of products that meet the requirements of all tastes

Sorouh Al-Emara exhibition for marble and ceramics, which is considered a window to present everything new and modern in the field of natural marble and ceramics
The warehouse of natural marble slabs, which contains a wide variety of the finest international marble raw materials, selected with great care and accuracy
Sorouh Al-Amara Factory for Marble and Ceramic, which contains the latest equipment for cutting and shaping marble and ceramic, so that the requirements of all projects of all sizes are met.

Our company is also proud of its diverse and integrated staff in order to provide the best service, which starts with trained labor cadres with experience of not less than 20 years, all the way to our engineering and technical staff, logistics and sales supervisors.

Our projects

Over the course of twenty years of work, we have presented many projects that we are proud of their completion, and we mention them, Click here to view the projects

Our vision

Based on our belief in the Kingdom’s vision for the year 2030, we at Sorouh Al-Emara Company strive to assume all responsibilities that contribute to achieving the best quality and competitive price while contributing to providing the best service to our valued customers, and from this standpoint we believe that improving the level of services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a sacred responsibility and Everyone is required to play an active role in it, and we follow this approach as a vision and goal