1.  Establishing a school on Farasan Island in the Jazan region in 2013.
  2.  Establishing a primary school in the city of Umluj in 2011.
  3.  Establishing Muhammad Ibn Al-Qasim School in the city of Tabuk 2014.
  4.  Supplying marble for Shatha Duba Hotel in Duba City 2023.
  5. Supplying marble for a project belonging to Smart Touch Company in Sharma Neom 2023.
  6.  Supplying marble for a ballroom at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Tabuk 2023.
  7.  Supplying marble for Game Power Sports Club in Tabuk 2020.
  8.  In the city of Tabuk 2023 8oZ supplying marble for the Café project.
  9. Supplying marble for the Café Volcano project in Tabuk 2021.
  10.  Supply and installation of natural marble for many private villa projects.